A dialog concept that builds innovation culture

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Every organization consists of a numerous amount of possible relationships. With the right facilitation these relationships can be the foundation of a strong innovation culture. How can you utilize the full potential of your organization?

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Boards of directors

Innovative cultures require brave leadership. Are you a board of directors that want to get started in your work with building innovation culture in your organization?

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Todays society is facing big challenges. To find innovative solutions to these challenges it requires a society built on faith in each other and an understanding for different perspectives.



Relationships are the foundation of all development. Fika For Change provides a low threshold to conversations between people beyond roles and hierarchies.


Trust in organizations starts in the interactions between people and individuals. In our work we see the benefits of helping people to lower their “guard”, to look to what we have in common rather then what differentiates us. “What do we have in common?” is the first stage in Fika For Change.

Relationships lead to innovation! When we build our network of relations we create the environment where ideas and initiatives can grow. Fika For Change is the tool that gets you there.

Innovation culture


Fika For Change is a product developed by Radicle. At Radicle we have long experience from working with collaboration, inclusive- and innovation processes. With extensive experience from project management and coaching we have the knowledge and the know-how to take full ownership of your change journey and facilitate dialog between people and groups with different perspectives.


Experience, current research and extensive prototyping are the foundation of all development behind Fika For Change.

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